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    What is Cabin Crew

    A career as an CABIN CREW is the dream of many a youngsters. Cabin crew is one of the prime roles in the aviation industry. A cabin crew, which comprises of air hostess (female) and/or flight steward (male), are responsible for the comfort, welfare and safety of the passengers on board. Apart from checking the comfort facilities for the travelers they also have the responsibility to check all the emergency arrangements before taking off and landing of the flight. According to the regulation, no member of the aircrew will fly more than 72 hours in a month. A CABIN CREW has many responsibilities on a plane. He / She greets every passenger, guides each to his or her seat and settles them in, coordinates security, and much more. Women usually prefer this career although men can do the same job and are called ‘stewards’.

    Eligibility Criteria
    • Minimum Qualification Requirements: 10+2
    • Minimum Marks Requirement: 45% to 50% (varies from institute to institute)
    • Age Requirements: 17 to 26
    • The female candidates should have a minimum height of 157 cm and the male candidates should have a minimum height of      170 cm to qualify fo training .
    • The candidates should not have any kind of health issues that may affect the profession
    Admission Process

    Diploma and Certificate Courses:

    • Candidates seeking admissions can apply directly at institutes offering these certificate and diploma courses.
    • Selection for these courses is done on the basis of screening process that comprises activities to check communication and aptitude skills of candidates.
    • An entrance exam is conducted by AE-JEE , Candidates who clear the exam will be selected for the programme on their rank .
    Course Syllabus
    Smester 1
    1. Aircraft Familiarization
    2. Emergency Situation Handling
    3. In-flight Procedures
    4. Food & Catering Services
    5. Airport Familiarization
    6. Personality Development
    7. Flight Evaluation
    Semester 2
    1. Communication Skills
    2. Passenger Handling
    3. First Aid Kit
    4. Passenger Psychology
    5. Grooming and Presentation
    6. Leadership and Interdepartmental- Coordination
    7. Technical Training

    Air cabin crew members have multiple career options. They can seek job opportunities in public sector airlines, like Air India & Pawan Hans. However, most cabin crew members prefer private airlines operating on domestic and international routes. Private airlines like Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Indigo, and Jetlite Airlines etc are some favored firms for cabin crews. With experience, they can become supervisors and assign and oversee the work of junior cabin crew members. Most airlines allow crew members to opt for other jobs within the airline, depending Another suitability for the positions available. Some airlines allocate routine assian administrative and other ground duties to senior Flight staff members.

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