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1. Introduction: Aircraft Maintainance Engineering is a licensed course. This course is about repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting in aircraft. This is a three years course.
Aeronautical Engineering is a four-year diploma. In this course, students will learn how to design, construct and operate an aircraft. They will also learn to repair an aircraft.

2. Eligibility Criteria: The qualification for aircraft maintenance engineering should be 12th passed with the PCM group from an authorized board. the candidate should have a minimum of 45 % marks in 12th.
The qualification for aeronautical engineering should be 10th passed with a minimum of 50 % marks from an authorized board.
Both the courses needed to give AE CET entrance exam.

3. Course Duration: An aircraft maintenance engineering diploma is a three-year course that is divided into six semesters.
An aeronautical engineering course is a four years course that is divided into eight semesters.

4. Syllabus: The aircraft maintenance engineering course is a 3 years course. It is divided into 6 semesters. The Aircraft maintenance engineering course details are given below:
The main subjects of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering are;
1. Theory of Aerodynamics
2. Structural Analysis
3. Fluid Dynamics
4. Fundamental of Propulsion
5. Electronics and Automatic Control Guidance
6. Material science Guidance
Aeronautical Engineering is a four-year course. It is divided into 8 semesters. The aeronautical engineering courses details are given below:
The main subjects in the aeronautical engineering course are :
1. Material science
2. Propulsion
3. Structural analysis
4. Fluid dynamics
5. Automatic control and guidance
6. Aircraft performance and aircraft structures

Fees Structure: The fees structure varies from college to college. It depends on the infrastructure of the institute, location, faculties, and facilities. Students can get a 100%  scholarship by giving AE CET exam.
The fees structure of Aircraft maintenance engineering is INR 3 to 5 lakh per annum.
The fees structure of Aeronautical engineering is INR 3 to 6 lakh per annum.

Salary Scale: The salary package of both the courses is very high. It depends on the skills and works profile.
The average salary package for an aircraft maintenance engineer is INR 8 lakh per year.
The salary package for an aeronautical engineer is INR 4 to 6 lakh per year.

Scope:Aircraft maintenance Engineering has a very high scope. As the aviation sector in India spreading very quickly rapidly so the career of aviation is going very high. There is an udan scheme that allows 2 to build the regional connectivity by building airports this scheme is launched by the government whose main purpose of this project is is "Letting common citizen of country fly". This takes the career of students of evasion in a very positive way many airlines have ordered new aircraft because the number of air passengers is increasing day by day which builds more job opportunities for the students.
As per the report, India has a very low quantity of skilled aircraft maintenance engineers. By the passing year, the demand for AE increased. So the students have the best career option in this field because of the fastest developing aviation sector.
The scope of Aeronautical Engineering is very vast and increasing day by day in India and all over the world. It is growing in the aviation sector and going forward in the manufacturing business. Due to this, the demand for Aeronautical Engineer will increase. Aeronautical engineers are needed in both The Airline services and Aircraft - manufacturing services in the private and public sectors. After completing the course of Aeronautical Engineering, students have the scope in the following fields:

1. Airlines
2. Aircraft manufacturing companies
3. Aircraft part manufacturing companies
4. Civil defense forces
5. Research organization
6. Maintenance, repair, and overhaul industries.

Job Opportunities :Students will have not to wait for job opportunities after completing aircraft maintenance engineering the the aviation industry is growing so rapidly that students can grab many e opportunities very quickly. There is a wide scope of Aircraft maintenance engineering.
Some of the opportunities in Aircraft maintenance engineering are as follows:

Civil defense forces
Aviation training centers
Flying clubs
Aircraft operation organizations
Aircraft parts manufacturing companies
Maintenance repair and overhaul  (M R O) organizations
Aeronautical Engineers are specialists in designing, maintenance, and other aircraft-related technologies. They have a lot of job opportunities in many organizations in India and abroad.
Few are the organizations that provide job opportunities to Aeronautical Engineers:
1. Boeing
2. Civil Aviation Department
3. Defense Industry
5. Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO)
7. Aeronautical Development Establishment
8. National Aerospace Laboratories(NAL)
9. Air India
10. Airbus
11. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
12. Spice jet
13. Go Air
14. Air Asia
15. IndiGo

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